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His head is bowed, his brow once smooth is furrowed. His hair is slate and silvered with the years. Time rips away each vestige man strives to keep, Then flings it back, bedimmed and streaked with tears. His eyes are … Continue reading

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To Ernest

Each breathe of wind that lingers around my window pane, Brings me thoughts of one I love. and draws us close again. When the sunset rays are falling, when the dusk is waiting still, I watch each creeping shadow slowly … Continue reading

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Reflections from My Life in the North Country

I was born in Montreal over 70 years ago in a little bungalow nestled between two, three story tenement houses on Chateaubriand Street. When I was six weeks old my parents moved to northern Ontario and it is a recollection … Continue reading

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A Little White Cot in the Corner

There’s a little white cot in the corner; It’s been empty for many a night. I can’t bear it up to the attic, Tho’ the lifting be simple and light. ‘Twould be taking away my one treasure, For my own … Continue reading

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When Maples Run

I love to lie beneath the arch Of overhanging boughs; I love to hear the swaying bells Of homeward turning cows. But oh, I love, when spring is here, When skies are blue, and streams are clear, To see the … Continue reading

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In a quaint, old southern garden, on a sunny kind of day, There bloomed a tiny blossom, or so the folks do say; Its little heart was golden; its petals fairest blue; It took them back along the trail to … Continue reading

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There are paths where the dancing feet are pricked By many a stinging thorn; But the roses bloom and the sunlight streams Where heart-aches oft are born. For the paths we tread are moment filled With the stirring pulse of … Continue reading

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You Cannot Realize…

You cannot realize how I feel about that little stone To mark the resting place of one whose life was all my own. Perhaps years may bring you scalding tears, Perhaps even goading pain; They may recall the vision small … Continue reading

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Face to Face (a hymn)

I have found fuller measure in the gospel of my Lord. I have found a new existence in my faith. I have found a greater treasure in the teaching of His word; And some day I know I’ll meet Him … Continue reading

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A Rose for Mother

What is the worth of a mother’s love? Much more than a child can tell. What is its strength or its fierce, deep pride? It can vanquish fires of hell. What is its depth? It is deep as night; Sure … Continue reading

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