From a sordid realm to a world apart,
The sun retreats to a fresh new start
O life, on the other side.
It slowly recedes till the shadows dim
Are left outside on the sunset’s rim:
Escape! at the turn of the tide.

The tinkle and fall and lilting sweet
Of a hurdy-gurdy in the street:
Heaven once lingered there;
The sad faced monkey so cunningly dressed,
The Italian whose clothes seemed afraid to be pressed
Have escaped, from a world of care.

The long, long day with its laughter and cries -,
Joys, heartaches, longings in different eyes -,
O! for a moment’s rest:
But the end has come for a day that was full;
Arms that are weary have ceased to pull:
They’ve escaped at the night’s behest.

From a sordid realm to a world apart
I must escape from a burtsting heart!
I must….I must……I must!
There is peace and rest and a child-like faith
Close by where Death like a biding wraith
I know will remove Life’s rust.
I will gladly go when He comes for me;
Earth’s day is more than Eternity;
My soul will live, though my body be dust.

– Circa 1929

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