I remember when I was just a wee little tot
Just roaming care-free o’er the way.
I used to look back and count all the falls
That I’d had as I played through the day.
The older I grew this lesson I learned
It was not very wise to fall,
Till I laughed through each day and when night-time came on
I couldn’t count any at all.

So happily then I sped on my way
As I smiled with the sunbeams above;
From a sky that was blue from dawning to dusk
I tumbled, and fell in love.
And now I take back the lesson I learned
It is not very wise to fall;
For I’d sooner have tumbled that day as I did
Than to never have tumbled at all.

– As published in the Lakeshore Press newspaper
Pointe Claire, Quebec, May 3, 1935

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