A Little White Cot in the Corner

white-cot-three-quarter-toddler-bed_1Little Betty and MomThere’s a little white cot in the corner;
It’s been empty for many a night.
I can’t bear it up to the attic,
Tho’ the lifting be simple and light.
‘Twould be taking away my one treasure,
For my own little babe lay her head
On the feather down pillow and smiled at me,
As I kissed her and tucked her in bed.

Still I know that some night my dear baby
Will come back to her own little bed,
Just to cuddle beneath the covers;
On the pillow to rest her wee head.
So the little white cot in the corner
Will be watching and waiting each night,
Till I hear a small voice whisper “Mama”;
Till I kiss her and tuck her in tight.

There’s a little wee cot in the corner,
Just a tiny white cot all alone;
But a longing heart’s there, as I kneel
down in prayer,
For I know that one night I’ll hear
footsteps light
As my baby comes back to her own.

– 1933

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