A Dreamer (song)

First Verse

I am only a dreamer trying to catch
A sunbeam that hides from me;
I am only a weaver trying to match
Threads that don’t want to be.
But it’s all in the way
I start at each day
That means whether I’m glad or blue,
Somehow the mending is all depending
On nobody else but you.


I am dreaming, I am scheming,
I am planning every day,
Trying to make skies of blue
Out of clouds of grey.
Someday all the clouds will hide
‘Neath the sunbeams stretching wide;
Then my scheming, then my dreaming,
Will come true for you.

Second Verse

I am only a schemer trying to make
A pathway of gold for you,
I am only a gleaner trying to take
Roads that are always blue.
I am scheming each day
To find a new way
To brighten the roadway of love,
From a dusky dawn till the clouds are gone,
And the blue sky smiles above.

Third Verse

I am only another plodding along
And trying to make ends meet,
I am only another one of the throng
Tasting life’s bitter-sweet.
But so long as I know
Wherever I go,
Somebody is waiting for me,
The sunbeams I’ll catch, the threads I will match,
Till they’re as you want them to be.

– Circa 1937

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