A Turrible Country

Sandy and his Scottish lass
Were a’travelling in the West,
Where the prairie towns all look alike
And each one seems the best.
Near the station platform lay a moose;
‘Twas shot at break of day.
The hunter, very human,
Was proud of his display.
When down the station platform our
Sandy happened by;
“An wot might that be, Sir,” said he.
“Tis a moose,” was the reply.
“There’s a mouse doon ther at the station, Jean.
“A mouse, nae, Sandy, nae!”
“Sure an’ this is a turrible country lass,
Come and see it for yursae.”
“Tis sure an ye won’t believe it.”
“Och, mon, fer mercy saeke,
A mouse, sae help me God!” says she,
“An wot might the rats be like!”

– Circa 1928

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