Heaven spread her cloak of blackness
Far, far across the world last night.
Life, with love and hope divining,
With its teardrops formed a lining-,
And they glistened in the dimness, snowy white.
From the hilltop in its starkness
Winds blew through that cloak of darkness
As it hurried on its chilly dawning flight.

Robe that looked so dark and brooding,
O who could know what light it hid?
Silently and softly falling,
Speeding ones to laggards calling-,
In their haste those teardrops trembled as they sped.
And this morn in all its splendor,
Pensive, white, so sweetly tender,
Like a bride the glad earth raised its vestal head.

Every blade of grass that lifted
Appealing hands up through the snow-,
Every branch and tree that quivered
When the winds around them shivered,
Now hung passive, in a soft, resplendent glow:
For the hand of God had given
Peace to earth so newly shriven.
Thus His blessing soothed the penitent, I know.

The winds and waves obey His word.
He calls new life from out earth’s womb.
He clothes the lilies of the field;
I can feel his peaceful presence in my room.
‘Tis well, I know my steps are led
Unto the living-, not the dead,
For He promised resurrection from the tomb.

– Circa 1928

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