For a Friend on the Death of Her Husband

My heart goes out to you today,
Your sorrow reaches far;
Although your friends all rally round
To touch you where you are.
The loss of one you loved so dear
Will never go away;
But time will ease and comfort bring
Through many a future day.
God in his goodness gives us strength
To bear each cross life sends-,
And gives us His abiding love
Where faith and sorrow blends.
The memories you shared with Ed
Will last throughout the years,
And closer bring each poignant thought
Through brushed with silent tears.
Those who have felt the wings of Death
Touch one with sudden flight;
Know well the loneliness that comes
Each day and passing night.
To-day you taste the bitter-sweets
Of life, its pain, its sorrow:
The poignancy of joys you’ve shared
Will come with each tomorrow.
The hands of God reach out to greet
A bud, or full blown flower:
We know not when our mission ends,
Nor yet the way, the day, the hour.
We have our happiness; we have our sorrows-,
For God knows best and His great love bestows.
Enriched with wisdom He makes the thorns to flourish
Alike beside the beauty of the rose.
He leaves us memories to fondly cherish-,
To ease the heart when grief and pain are rife.
He gave to us the greatest of His blessings-,
And through Him we are ensured eternal life.
There is no night but what there is a morrow.
There is no death but life springs forth again.
There is not meeting but there is a parting,
And sunshine always follows after rain.
God bless you Luta, in these days of trial.
God keep you close within His loving care.
Beyond the hill there is a new tomorrow
Where loved ones wait-, and Ed will meet you there.

– 1985 –

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