I little thought or little knew
The sky above was quite so blue;
I never saw the harvest sun
Before the Autumn day was done
Until, one still September day
Young sorrow walked beside my way.

Grief followed me where’er I went
She hovered near when day was spent;
I sought the open stretch of blue
To find God’s sunlight stealing thru;
No tongue nor word can ever say
Just how I longed for you that day.

Grief opened up my heart to God,
To heaven and earth, and morning sod;
The doors flung wide, my soul she bared;
More poignant made each joy we’d shared.
September gave and took away
A vision fair, and you, that day
A sense of loss ’tis mine to feel;
A broken heart ’tis hard to heal.

– Circa 1933

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