I Let You Go

It seemed a little thing to do
To laugh at love and go my way;
To sip the cup of life with you
And then forget that yesterday.
To follow whims and fancies free
For whims were but a part of me.

I laughed at love, but why? ah me,
I never gave it thought or care.
I took it; then at fancy free
I tossed it from me in the air.
By nature moodish, laughing, wild,
Impulses stirred me, as a child.

It seemed a little thing to me
To flaunt and laugh at love that day,
Until you turned and left me free
To laugh, and love, and go my way.
I let you go. Why? From the start
I loved you, yet I played the part.
And now I laugh to hide the pain
That lingers still within my heart.

– Circa 1928

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