In Flanders Field

To-day in the field called “Flanders”
And the land that is named “No-Man’s”
Lie buried a host of treasures;
Lie buried a score of plans.
They sleep, for the warfare is ended
Those soldiers we love and know.
And the price it cast for a war not lost
You’ll find where the poppies blow.

To-day in the world is gladness;
But in hearts there is sorrow too,
For Flander’s Field is remembered -,
It was stained for me and you.
For some sleep ‘neath the wooden crosses,
And some where we do not know;
But the torch they bore, sheds its glory o’er
Where the blood-red poppies blow.

To-day all our hearts are thankful
As we join in a song to God
For the many things He gives us -,
Those who sleep beneath the sod;
So still bravely we’ll carry onward
That torch with its fiery glow.
When the day is done we will meet the one
Who sleeps where the poppies blow.

– Circa 1928

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