In Remembrance (The first of many poems that will be posted on this web site.) Enjoy!

In Remembrance

Sleep, soldier sleep, the dawn of morn has broken;
No more the trumpet calls you from repose.
Upon thy grave with heartfelt words unspoken
We strew the lily and the southern rose.

T’was thou who held our country’s flag in glory,
Who proudly bore it onward in the strife.
To us is left alone to tell the story –
The story of a sacrificed life.

Hero, who toiled amid the din of fighting;
Who struggled on the blood-stained, shot-rent fields,
For thee the lamp of afterlife is lighting,
To thee a nation grateful tribute yields.

We cannot deck thee with a cross of valour
For thou hast risen above the heights of fame;
Thy deeds shall live when age decays death’s pallor
And we shall speak with reverence, thy name.

And so today we place these flowers in memory
That remembrance may forever, ever keep.
We go our way into the daily turmoil;
And leave thee, soldier, to thy well earned sleep.

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