Old Things

I love old things, old sweetened things
That memory’s tears have kissed;
Old things by someone fondled oft
And aching hearts have blessed.
Old things smoothed out each wrinkle, too
By loving hands caressed.

I love old things that lie serene
Enwrapt with love and care.
A heart was stirred with visions fond
When someone laid them there.
A soul was left uncovered
Its very depths made bare.

I love old things that make me feel
The past, the long ago;
With tears and smiles some loving hand.
Has laid them there I know;
Perhaps a violet long since plucked
From vales where violets grow.

I love old things that give to me
The urge to fly on wings
To where the fountain of old thoughts
The hope of ages springs;
To where each hope is laid away.
I love old things.

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