The Figure I Moulded

I moulded the figure I would be
Beautiful, and young, and strong, and free;
High up on the mountain peak I stood
Far beneath me, rivers and wood,
Wide worlds to conquer; life seeds to sow;
And hearts to start with a warmth and glow.
Ah! Mine was a work that was calling to me
As I moulded the figure that I would be.

Long years have passed since that mountain height
Saw me first in the dawning light.
I’ve kept with the world the truce I made.
I’ve brought the sun; I’ve banished shade.
I have seen skies change from grey to blue;
But time has taken a toll on age too,
For the figure I moulded is as I’d be
If I had kept beautiful, young, strong, and free.

– Circa 1969

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