Thoughts On Growing Old

We can grow old gracefully. I can only tell you of how aging has affected me and what I do. First – I don’t think about it. Life goes on from day to day. God (whoever that is for each of us) in the manner I have come to believe, expects that we try to lead good, clean, productive lives. If we follow words of wisdom, exercise moderately, keep our minds active, often think of others – give our best to help in times of need or otherwise, daily seek to learn new things and to expand our ideas – then we will grow old gracefully and not even realize we are near the peak. For me – I walk daily. Having no car it is either the bus or “Shanks Mare” so to speak. We have a stationary exercise bike, also a rowing machine and treadmill walker in our senior’s building. I do my best to bike every day, three kilometers at a time. If I become slack and don’t cycle for a few days, then, when I start again I might be able to only do just one kilometer. So I try to keep up daily exercise and before long I may even may even surpass the three. I use the rowing machine also, but not the treadmill. We have an exercise class every Thursday AM for one hour in which we do exercises at our own pace. We have a teacher and these morning classes are fun sessions with good participation. I keep my mind active with constant reading, writing, and group participation. I also keep my hands and fingers busy with crafts. We all have something to share with others and, when you share, you will find that the aging process is one you scarcely notice. Your face reflects the thoughts that are inside you. You demeanor reflects the way you live and your view of life. Have peace and your sense of peace will radiate to others – so don’t sit back and vegetate. Believe that life is worth living – it really is. We all have our aches and pains, our trials and temptations. Yes, even an 85 year old woman has temptations – but these things can be forgotten in the pursuit of gracious living activities. Live your life to the fullest of your own potential and you will grow old gracefully – and when the day comes it will be like the gentle opening of a door set in a beautiful, garden wall.

– 1995, at 85 years of age

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