To Death

Let me be watching the lightening
The destructive sweep of the rain;
Let me carry a vision of strength with me,
Of power that is strong as eternity
When you come to my door again.

Don’t let your onslaught be gentle,
Come girded with power and with might;
Only let me be waiting bright-eyed awake,
Let the lightening flash and the thunder break
And the day be dark as night.

I have a siege to war with you
And I care not for creeping stealth.
Let me fight you with weapons that match your own,
The flash of steel and the clatter of stone
And not with the weapons of wealth.

You’ve robbed me twice of my treasures
In the warmth and glow of the day;
You left me with nought but an ache in my heart
Long nights to waken so oft with a start
With your scepter across my way.

Give me one echo of warning
Just to say that the time draws near;
I will glory once more in the sweep of rain
In the flash of your blade with crimson stain
When you knock at my portal here.

– Circa 1936

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