To Dr. H. R. E.

God gave me gifts to envision anew
Mid fancies region of mind;
Things that appeal to my innermost soul,
Thoughts of humanity kind.
I sit near my window as life unfolds;
I muse what sorrow and care
Imprisoned its kindness within those hands
And silvered those locks of hair.
Yet I dare to dream of the countless times.
Over and over again
Those hands have stilled into a restless sleep
A patient, whose lot was pain.
Long years of practice and long years of toil
Have made him a man who knows;
There’s the need of a gentle voice and smile
Whenever he comes and goes.
There are doctors who thrive in life’s maelstrom
Abrupt and hurried their way;
Their patient merely a broken machine
That must be mended to-day.
Too few we have who will stop with a smile,
Too few we have who will stay
To offer a word of encouragement,
As we journey on life’s way.
You can unburden your heart-aches to him,
He’s patient, loving, and kind.
Just the sort of a man God must have meant
To doctor body and mind.
Let the dark of night be heavy with mist –
The mist fathom mile on mile,
So long as the Doctor still is a man
Who knows the worth of a smile.

– Circa 1932

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