To Ernest

Each Breath of wind that lingers
Around my window pane,
Brings me thoughts of one
I love, and draws us close again.
When the sunset rays are falling,
When the dusk is waiting still,
I watch each creeping shadow
Slowly mask the distant hill.
I love him more than life itself,
Just why I do not know;
I guess because ’twas meant I should,
God must have planned it so.
Just let me do for him each hour,
Each minute of the day
Some little task to cast a flood
Of sunshine o’er his way.
O let me share his heartaches,
Whatever they may be:
Just let me love him as I would;
He means so much to me.

– Dated 1929 and signed “Betty Lee” (one of the
names Betty Chabot used during this period
of her life)

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