Do You Remember

It was many years ago, but the memory haunts me still;
September time is here, for it comes and always will;
With the sunshine in your hair, you were much to young to care;
We vowed that gay September we always would remember;
I wonder dear, if you remember still.

Do you remember the first time we met?
I held your hand in the dark.
Do you remember the first time you let
Me kiss you that night in the park?
Do you remember that early September-,
The wind and the sun and the rain?
The hours full of laughter;
The sunshine-, and after
The sunshine-, the rain.
Do you remember dear, do you remember
Our love, we so cherished in vain?
In your frock of blue cotton
I have never forgotten
How your eyes looked too blue to be true.
Your kiss broke apart, the seal on my heart.
And I still remember… do you?

– Circa 1935

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