Tribute to Harold Umlah

We’ll miss him.
In his quiet way
We knew that he was there;
So unobtrusively he stood-,
A trait, today, so rare.
He took no glory to himself
And gave to us his love;
He gladly did his ‘appointed task
To serve his Lord above.
His going was so very swift,
We scarcely know he’s gone.
Yet we will is his gentle face
With every Sunday’s dawn.
A kindly soul he seemed to us,
Bereft of flattery’s art,
And underneath that quiet frame,
There beat a tender heart
You who loved him know his worth;
Know too, his rest is won
And know in glory he will dwell
Of God, a chosen son.
He would not have you grieve his loss
Nor mourn his passing here-,
For he has left all cares behind
In his exhaulted sphere.
He chose the way God meant for him
And doing so, gave worth
And meaning to the plan which brought
Him here upon this earth.
Tho hearts are sad, yet think of him
As going on before
And waiting there at Heaven’s gate
To open wide the door.
The way of death is not the end,
Nor forfeit of the soul
‘Tis the open door to fuller life
Where the broken are made whole;
Where the dead in Christ arise new born
And the bonded soul is free.
Grieve not for him, but rejoice instead-,
He has immortality!

– Circa 1966

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